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This website is owned by Marinakis Tours Agency ,registered in Santorini , whose registered office is at Fira town and by using this website you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.


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Personal Information

Any personal information such as name, postal address, telephone number, and email address given via this website will only be used to provide a requested service and will not be disclosed to any other third party without your prior permission or unless we are required to do so by law.

Benefits – Scope of the terms and conditions

MarinakisTours Travel Agency provides a portal which offers travel products and services (flights , car rentals , hotels , travel packages and other tourist services) that are offered on this website are listed by their organizers / providers of the relevant tourist service . Keeping products or services through the website is possible only in case of availability of a particular product or service , if the reservation is made , the contract drawn up solely binding between the user and the provider of that product or service . Providing Marinakis Tours consists exclusively of mediation between users and providers and frippery limited only to the fulfillment of that benefit.

Working Hours

The working hours of Marinakis Tours Travel Agency on which can be telephone transactions and visits to the offices of the company are as follows:

Monday-Sunday : 09:00 to 21:00 (Local Time)


The travel contract you made ​​with Marinakis Tours which is committed to offer various services are part of your trip . A reservation is valid only as long as payment of the relevant payment and print evidencecollection . Only then there is a contract between Marinakis Tours and you . The reported participation conditions imposed in Marinakis Tours by the suppliers. Booking air tickets are governed by specific terms that vary depending on the specific fare andairline , which the customer must ask hold and honor.


When you wish to book one or more places in one trip assume personal responsibility for the withholding of all members of the group you represent. Also certify that you have completed 18 years of age . A document to be valid subject to payment of a deposit per person (as defined in Article 6) . By paying the deposit you confirm that you have read the general conditions and other general information of your trip and that you agree with them. Conditions Marinakis Toursare part of the contract between you and Marinakis Tours, which is governed by Greek law. Any disputes will be settled by Greek Courts only.


The Organiser is acting as an intermediary excursionists on one hand and all those whose services are used on the other , air and sea tickets, road and rail companies , hotels , local tourist offices , surface transportation and any other that may be related to the execution program of excursions . Despite the fact that the organizer strives for consistent handling any excursion , however is not responsible for defects that may occur before or after the commencement of a program and not due to poor organization , such as delays , changes or cancellations , loss , theft or damage to baggage , personal belongings , passports or money , injuries , diseases , adverse effects due to organic climatic conditions, altitude , epidemics or food poisoning , and other unforeseen difficulties due to weather conditions , coups , strikes , protests, wars and threats of war and any other emergencies that constitute force majeure. It is however understood that the organizer exhausts every effort to address any of the problems in the most beneficial way for the visitors . On road transport or by air or sea , our liability in all cases shall be limited to the relevant international conventions.


Under EU and Greek legislation (W D. 339/1996), Marinakis Tours has made the insurance of professional liability coverage for the non-performance or improper performance of the contract on behalf of and for the refunding and repatriation in the event of bankruptcy.


When there is any special request for a special diet, room location, a particular service from the hotel, and it is important detail for your record on a trip, you must notify by writing to Marinakis Tours during registration. We will make all necessary efforts to satisfy reasonable requests, MarinakisTours can not provide any guarantees and will not be considered cause for cancellation.

6. Advances and payment

For tour packages , hotel reservations , cruises etc. (land arrangements). The specific terms will apply to the reservation policy , advances , repayments as well as cancellations , etc. unless there is a different policy for special occasions or if there is a specific written agreement information . Reservations for the High Season eg Christmas season and New Year’s Eve have some specificity regarding deadlines and advance payments. The proper observance of the following periods is the responsibility of the travelers and do not have to wait a reminder of the Mayfair. To be considered a detention validated by our office should be the following payment policy for reservations , if the client does not honor the agreement the Mayfair Travel will not be held responsible if the booking is canceled .

The advance payments made ​​to the following:

1. 30% deposit per person to confirm.

2.60% of the total amount in 60-30 days before departure

3. 100% payment of the total amount less than 30 days before departure

Payment trips must be completed no later than 30 days before departure.


The costs of cancellation made ​​up as follows :

• If canceled 90 days before departure cancellation fee € 100 processing fee per room.

• For cancellations between 90 60 days before departure 30% cancellation fee of the total amount.

• For cancellations between 59 45 days before departure 50% cancellation fee of the total amount.

• For cancellations between 44 to 30 days before departure 70 % cancellation fee of the total amount

• For cancellations made less than 30 days before departure 100 % cancellation fee of the total amount

Note: Differentiate the airline and ferry tickets are subject to special rules annulments, and usually after their issue subject to 100% cancellation fee (non refundable). Also excluded hotel reservations made ​​during special events (eg exhibitions, conferences, sporting events, carnivals, etc.) and so are 100% cancellation fee on the total booking amount


It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and have been informed of visas and vaccinations they may require. If you have a foreign passport , you must notify us during registration , and verification by the competent authorities the necessary visas needed (time , photos , fees , etc. ) . Failure to follow the procedure laid down in each consular authority of a foreign country that requires a visa , but if you do not produce the correct documents are required and not allowed to enter the foreign country , Marinakis Tours has no responsibility . We will try to help you, but every effort will be a sign of goodwill alone. In case you cancel your trip for this reason , we reserve the right to withhold the deposit or to ask you the entire cost of the trip . It is also traveler responsibility to be on time at the airport check in desk.


Any changes that depart from the program should request bywriting to us and Marinakis Tours will try to serve you , but Marinakis Tours keeps the right to make changes such as dates, times, flight etc. (land arrangements) to consider the change as a cancellation and the charge in accordance with the rules of annulment in Article 7.


If you have reason to complain while on a trip, you must notify the tour leader or our local representative or the hotel directly . If a fundamental problem is not solved , it will be communicated by writing to the Marinakis Tours within three days from the date of return . Marinakis Tours is not responsible for any problems encountered during an excursion and not learned in time .

• Accept the terms of participation

Participate in any trip means simultaneously and without prejudice acceptance of the above conditions of participation


For the establishment transaction conditions necessarily organizer and client must mutually acceptable and do the following

1) Host sells the trip described above , and the Customer agrees to participate therein,

2) The client was  informed by the promoter and knows all about necessary travel documents ( visa and health formalities )

3) The customer buys the journey of the promoter , who is responsible for the correct , complete and continuous updating of the customer until his departure and any special handling requirements of the customer.

4) Also expressly agreed that with regard to all the posts will be held by the customer solely responsible for payment of the total booking cost will be the customer , regardless of whether any of the persons who are unable to travel and make the trip , unless he informs the promoter 8 working days prior to departure that will assign the booking to a third person who satisfies all the conditions applicable to the package , and when allowed freely by the airline for specific fare . With regard to maritime transport, the upper limit for the assignment is 10 working days . Note that , as in no. 7 provided in the General Conditions of Participation refers , given that airlines make the booking of tickets in a specific name, in case of the transfer of booking and if not change the names of the airline for the fare , the Customer undertakes to pay any cancellation charges and / or the value of a new ticket .

5) It is expressly agreed that the price reported above have concerns described in this service contract. For any kind of changes or additional services which depart this agreement or offer made ​​after the signing of this agreement and so long incur cancellation or other charges will be borne solely by the Customer.

6) Also expressly agreed that with regard to scheduled flights, the identity of the flight and the exact time of departure disclosed by the airline before two days. For this case, the parties agree that indicated in this contract identity of flight and the departure time is indicative, and that any deviation from them is not a ground for termination of this contract.

7) In case for any delays in flights above have mentioned ,responsibleis only Airlines, customer declares that: a) release the Promoter from any liability and b) these delays are not grounds for termination of this Agreement.

8) The terms of this Agreement shall supersede and promo specified below General Terms of Participation in those points inconsistent with the present Convention.

9) The period which the customer has the right to complain about any omissions or unconventional behavior of the Promoter is three (3) days of returning. The complaint must be by writing to Marinakis Tours.

10) If any element of the program of the trip need to change after signing the contract, the change will be communicated directly to the customer and will be included in a rider to the contract, which will be co-signed by the parties. The specific terms of the amending act prevail over this agreement.

11) For matters relating to the particular package is not mentioned in this contract, the parties expressly refer to curriculum more travel offer.